Upbeat Quotes

Its all a big con game. The globalists want you to think they are invincible, that you dont have power, so that the general public just lays down. The truth is what they are doing is outrageously criminal, bad, stupid, centralized, even for them it destroys the prosperity. But they can’t help themselves going after all that power. So we need to form an opposition, point out what they are doing, point out the alternatives, have a debate, not get radicalized, not get in a civil war. …It’s all a fight for hearts and minds.

Put your energy into the infowar, to take things back peacefully…we have liberty, freedom, common sense, we have honor. We are the Americana. We trump the globalists every time. We are moving forward, we are having victory. That’s why they are moving so fast. They admit they are in trouble. We are beating the daylights out of them right now. Coming from behind hundreds of points. And thats why get ready for fireworks, pull the stops out, its going to get nasty, but hold fast we are going to make it throgh this.

From The Alex Jones Show, May 24 2015, from 1:18:30

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