Statement of Faith

  • We stand for the divine inspiration of the Holy Bible
  • We stand for the deity and redemptive work of Jesus Christ
    • That Jesus was born of a virgin,
    • That He lived a sinless life,
    • That He died a substitutionary, vicarious death on the cross for our sins
    • That He rose physically and bodily from the grave,
    • That He ascended to the Father, where He ever liveth to make intercession for the saints,
    • That He is coming again to establish His Kingdom on the earth.
  • We believe that salvation is by grace through faith, minus and plus nothing
  • We believe that the ordinances of the ecclesia are water baptism (by immersion) and the Lord’s Supper
  • We believe we ought to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength
  • We believe we must love the Brotherhood
  • We believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman
  • We believe life begins at conception
  • We stand for the Biblical, Natural Law principles that govern every individual, State, and nation—including the Natural Law principles of liberty and self defense


  • We will continue to preach so as to apply the principles of God’s Word to everyday life—including our political life
  • We will always exalt Jesus as “the way, the truth, and the life”
  • We will continue to appeal to men’s hearts to accept Christ as their Savior and Lord
  • As a New Testament fellowship of believers, we will baptize people and, from time to time, commemorate the Lord’s Supper; we will receive the free-will financial gifts and offerings of those who have a heart to support the work
  • We will appeal to men to love God supremely
  • We will appeal to the fellowship to love the Brotherhood—and we will love those outside the Brotherhood as we have opportunity to do so
  • No representative of Hartford Liberty Fellowship, will officiate at any marriage ceremony between same sex couples
  • We will support lawful efforts in and out of politics and the courts with the goal of ending legalized abortion-on-demand and overturning Roe v. Wade</li
  • We will stand for the Biblical, Natural Law principles that govern every individual, State, and nation—including the Natural Law principles of liberty and self-defense. And we will fight side-by-side with people who embrace these principles—be they believers of not!

And this means that we will not accept the government 501c3 tax-exempt status; that our fellowship is a spiritual entity as a New Testament “called out assembly”; that we seek not “church” designation by the IRS, neither will we incorporate or organize so as to qualify for “church” status under the IRC; that we will not be governed, intimidated, or bribed into preaching politically correct messages, or avoid political issues affecting our liberty. It means we will fight for the independence and sovereignty of the State of Connecticut. It means we will pledge no allegiance to any New World Order or facsimile thereof. And it means we will not accept or submit to any attempt to establish a Police State or abridge our freedoms and liberties protected by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

It means–if you haven’t gotten the message by now–before you enslave us, you will have to kill us!

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