As I talk with people it is clear to most that our country is in serious trouble, yet most believe there is nothing that we can do about it.  There is apathy, resignation, and a surrendering to the demonic forces at work in our world today.

I believe there is much that we can do, and the answers to the problems we see must be addressed locally at a grass roots level.   I believe our government officials (servants) inside the Washington beltway, as well as many in Hartford are too far corrupted to be reformed solely through the ballet box.

Our 501c3 churches have surrendered to the demonic forces which have hijacked our political institutions, having disengaged from the fight against evil, corruption and injustice.   It is time to create the first local fellowship in the Hartford Connecticut area that is non-501c3, true to God’s Word and liberty-minded.

We will work on two levels:

  1. Create a new non-501c3 fellowship of believers to worship together, eventually calling a pastor
  2. For those who are freedom/liberty minded who are of other faiths, we will work together to restore Constitutional government and the rule of law in our nation starting at the local level.

Hartford Liberty Fellowship is partnering with the Constitutional Sheriff and Peace Officer Association to promote the CSPOA Resolution